Technology Services

Today’s IT professionals are being asked to have a higher impact on the business by “implementing more” while reducing overall capital and operating expenses. Technological advances are accelerating so quickly that decisions made just three years ago are now considered obsolete. ECS Technology Consultants are helping our customers understand their requirements and define their technical architecture.


ECS’ extensive experience in our IT assessment process will help you better understand your current IT environment and requirements. Once we understand your business goals, effective solutions will be recommended to better prepare your organization for upcoming business changes. Our IT assessments offer an effective approach to improving the efficiency, scalability, and performance of your IT infrastructure. Our resources combined with our partners contribute to our success in executing the following IT assessments:

  • Telecom & Connectivity
  • Network & Security
  • Server and Storage
  • Data Center Transformation
  • Virtualization
  • Managed Services
  • Disaster Recover, HA & Back-up
  • Cloud Readiness Assessments
  • Data Center Relocation

Project Management

ECS Project Management provides you with assistance for your IT projects – large or small, allowing you to more readily focus on your core business objectives. With our strong communication skills and IT proficiency, we guide your organization through the entire implementation process to help minimize risks during each developmental phase. ECS’s project managers deliver customized service solutions to meet unique customer requirements. Our qualified project managers save you both time and money by making sure projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Our project management methodology is guided by five stages: initiation, planning, executing, oversight and closeout.

Integration, Configuration & Installation

Integration and configuration services prepare your hardware products for installation and configuration into your current IT environment. We assemble and test the software and the configurations provided to make sure your infrastructure will run efficiently after integration. ECS specializes in automating the configuration process using tools and scripts during deployment. After your hardware is integrated, we provide assistance during the on-site installation. ECS offers educational training for your staff on the skills and expertise they will need to operate the new technologies. Our experience in system integration helps you achieve results with minimal disruption to your overall business processes, and we make sure to immediately handle any user issues that occur. ECS System Integration Services result in increased efficiencies, increased productivity, and cost-savings.

HP Technology Services

In addition to our professional services, ECS is certified and can provide our customers with the complete portfolio of services from HP Technology Services, including:

With HPE Technology Services, you get access to HP trained and certified technology experts. No matter where your business is located or how complex your technology environment is, comprehensive HPE service options can help keep your critical business processes up and running anywhere in the world.