Cloud Solutions

Unleash Your Apps Now. Your Cloud Is Ready.

You want to unleash new applications from the cloud – now. Only HPE CloudSystem gets you there 3 times faster and can save you 20% on solution costs.

Simplify Cloud Adoption By Simplifying Integration

As part of the HPE Converged Cloud portfolio, HPE CloudSystem enables enterprises and service providers to build and manage services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments on a simplified, integrated architecture:

  • Intelligent automation; application-to-infrastructure
  • Complete service lifecycle management from provisioning to monitoring to retirement
  • Supports multi-hypervisor, multi-OS, and heterogeneous infrastructures – now including KVM support
  • Pre-packaged service design tools – HPE Cloud Maps
  • Out-of-the-box bursting capabilities broker service delivery across multiple clouds from a single, integrated point of control
  • Built on proven and market-leading HPE Converged Infrastructure and HPE Cloud Service Automation

HPE CloudSystem Matrix

HPE CloudSystem Matrix is entry-level configuration for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for IT customers:

  • Virtual and physical infrastructure provisioning in minutes
  • Deploy a robust on-premise cloud quickly
  • Fast track delivery of cloud services with CloudStart service offering
  • For private and hybrid cloud environments

HPE CloudSystem Enterprise

HPE CloudSystem Enterprise builds full-scale deployments of private and hybrid cloud environments:

  • Unified management of enterprise-grade application and infrastructure services
  • Highly automated service lifecycle management
  • Open, extensible architecture for increased agility

HPE CloudSystem Service Provider

HPE CloudSystem Service Provider facilitates deployment of public and hosted private clouds that deliver complete service aggregation and management:

  • Aggregate cloud services for public or hosted private cloud
  • Optimized for multi-tenancy
  • Customer-unique portal experience
  • Pre-integrated, but modular